Leaking Taps & Pipes

Leaking Taps and Pipes

If you’ve ever spilt a cup of tea, you know just how far even a small amount of water can go. So if you have a leaking tap or water pipe it’s best to get them fixed quickly. Not only will you cut out wastage, you’ll be avoiding damage to your property.

Pennington’s plumbers are available to fix any plumbing leak. Whatever the job – from conventional washers and mixer taps to replacing damaged pipework – our experienced team will quickly evaluate what needs to be done. We’ll give you accurate advice and an estimate of costs. And get to work as soon as instructed.
Not all leaks are gushing fountains of water. They may only be visible as a damp patch, or even just the smell of damp. If this is the case, we have sensitive equipment to help identify the location of the leak and the likely cause.

Leaking taps & pipes

Leaking Taps

Our plumbers carry a wide range of spare parts in their vans, so they’ll be able to fix most ‘traditional’ taps without the delay of ordering spare parts.

However, there is a great variety of single-lever operated mixer taps that use ceramic cartridges and these are not always simple to fix. While we do carry spares for some brands, cartridges are often specific to a single manufacturer and our plumbers don’t carry them all as spares. Obtaining spare parts is usually quick – it rarely takes more than a day or two – but we may not always be able do the repair immediately. We will always act as quickly as we can, but this is a good reason not to leave things until the last minute.

Leaking Pipes

Pennington’s plumbers are experienced and practical. We will always give you accurate information, and where there might be choice of actions, we’ll make sure you understand the pros and cons of each alternative.

Our plumbers are sympathetic to the disruption that leaking pipes can cause. By its nature, quite a lot of pipework is concealed, so we will always explain clearly what needs to be done if floorboards or wall panels need removing to provide access.

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Where’s your mains water stop-cock? (and can you get to it quickly?)

Some of your taps and key parts of pipework may be fitted with isolation taps. However it is very important that you know where your mains water stop-cock for your property is located, and that you can get access to it quickly at all times. Often, they are at the back of a cupboard or garage, so make sure there is a clear route to it at all times. The last thing you need in an emergency is to have to move several years’ worth of boxes and old tins of paint!

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