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Emergency lighting is an essential part of keeping your building safe. The owner and/or occupier of the building must ensure that a competent person – often an independent contractor – supervises the servicing of the emergency lighting.

Pennington’s do this for many businesses in Surrey. We can ensure that your emergency lighting is maintained and tested regularly, and is in good working order, so you will never be let down in an emergency.

In the event of a fire or other emergency, the mains power may fail. Even in daylight, smoke or panic may render people disorientated. Emergency lighting, will aid the calm evacuation of a building and save lives.

Practice for emergency lighting

The code of practice for emergency lighting (set out in in BS 5266-1:2016) states that the person responsible for the fire safety in their building (often the landlord’s managing agent working alongside a designated person in the building) has to be able to demonstrate that the hardware and maintenance of their fire safety systems are adequate to protect the building’s occupants.

An important part of fulfilling this duty is met by keeping emergency lighting in good working order. This is not just the infrastructure, but also the emergency lighting batteries which must operate for a minimum of 3 hours without mains power.

We can help with this through

⦁ Annual periodic tests
⦁ Monthly flick tests – checking that the emergency lighting works when there is a loss of mains power to the building
⦁ Dead testing – testing the circuitry with the usual power source disconnected
⦁ Regular maintenance.

We can also advise on the practicality and benefits of upgrading your emergency lighting to use LED lighting, which is cheaper and more reliable than conventional bulbs.

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