LED Lighting in House

Residential LED Lighting

Pennington’s are specialists in the installation of LED lighting in house. We provide a complete service for domestic interior lighting, helping to bring new life to your home.

This could be installing new light fittings or replacing out-of-date fuse boards to support new lighting and to meet up-to-date regulations. 

We undertake everything from small, straightforward projects to complete rewiring, as required. Moreover, due to the fact that this is a field in which we have a wealth of experience, we will also be able to advise on the most suitable lights and fittings in order to achieve what you have in mind.

LED lighting in house

LED Interior Lighting is Safer Too

We’re familiar with all available lighting types, including LEDs which are now rapidly replacing halogen bulbs. Not only is LED interior lighting much more efficient, but they also last much longer too, leading to a much greater economy and far less wastage. 

LED lighting in house now performs many times better than it did even ten years ago. Its widespread adoption has also brought the price down, so it is the obvious choice in most situations.

Not to mention, LEDs are safer too. They operate at much lower temperatures than ‘traditional’ bulbs, so they won’t overheat. Importantly, they contain none of the mercury associated with halogen or fluorescent lighting.

Types of lighting installation work we undertake include:

⦁ LED lights
⦁ Spotlights
⦁ Dimmers
⦁ Lighting sockets
⦁ Low-voltage lighting
⦁ Electrical wiring & rewiring
⦁ Emergency lighting
⦁ Energy saving components
⦁ Fuse board installations and upgrades for the new lighting

If you’re planning on having new lighting installed or just need advice on options

Call 01932 259 620 or Email info@penningtonsgroup.co.uk