Boiler Repair

Boiler repair

Pennington’s provide a comprehensive boiler repair service, either on a scheduled basis or in response to an emergency.

Whatever the age of your boiler it’s important that it works properly and efficiently, both in terms of providing you with hot water and heating, and in remaining safe to operate.

Failing to heat water or radiators, noise, and struggling in cold weather are all signs that the boiler may need repair. In older models that use a pilot light, that flame going out frequently also indicates a fault. Whatever the problem, it is safer and wiser to make sure repairs are carried out by a qualified professional.

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Particular problems that indicate a need for repair.

Noise. Banging noises coming from a boiler is called Kettling. This usually starts as low rumbling noise when the heater is working. Over time, it becomes louder, changing to a banging noise. Often it is caused by excess minerals in the water supply, especially in hard water areas. Over time, mineral deposits change the pressure levels in the boiler and add to wear and tear on other parts. If left unattended, extensive damage can be caused.

Leaks from the boiler. You should treat this as an emergency. If you have a leak, turn the boiler off. Keeping it on may lead to a major leak, risk of injury from very hot water, and damage to your home.

Boiler leakages usually come from the tank, the pressure release valve or the pump. If it is the tank, it will need checking for corrosion and may need replacing. If the leak is from the pump or pressure release valve, the problem can usually be repaired rather than replaced. Condensation can also cause water to pool around your boiler. The cause is not always obvious, so whatever the cause you do need a qualified plumber to inspect it and advise.

Faulty Pilot Lights

Older boilers have pilot lights that remain alight all the time. If not serviced regularly they may become clogged and cease working properly and this will also make it more susceptible to drafts. Alternatively the pilot light may go out due to a broken thermocouple, which stops the supply of gas.

Before you can reignite your pilot light, it is vital to contact us to determine if there is a problem with the gas supply. When we fix the problem, your light should not go off. We can also help you ignite the pilot light according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you have a boiler repair emergency, or even if you just need initial advice, get in touch

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