Residential Smoke & Fire Alarms

Smoke Alarms and Fire Alarms - installation and servicing

Pennington’s can advise on and supply the most appropriate smoke and fire alarms for your home. An investment in even a basic fire alarm is a wise choice, so we’ll explain our recommendations and make sure you have enough information to make an informed choice.

As well as being a danger to life, fire and smoke damage can be emotionally devasting, so we always advise a minimum of sensible precautions. Reliable alarms will alert you to danger and give you valuable time to leave the premises when necessary. To add further peace of mind, we can carry out routine servicing to make sure devices and systems are working properly.

Pennington’s are AICO Approved Expert installers and Nest Approved Installers.

This means we operate to the highest safety standards and are fully trained in installation and maintenance of your alarms and detectors.

Mains powered smoke alarms are usually integrated into fire alarm systems; battery powered smoke alarms are inexpensive and usually easy to install. And if you are a landlord you have a legal duty to install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in specific places in your properties – and a duty to make sure they function properly.

Rental properties

It must have at least one smoke alarm on every floor of the property where any room is used as living accommodation; a carbon monoxide alarms must be installed in any room containing a solid fuel-burning appliance such as a wood burner, coal fire or biomass. On the first day of a new tenancy, you or your letting agent must make sure that each alarm is in proper working order. You can find more information about this on .

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