Gas Safety Certificate

Gas Safety Certificates

All landlords are required to have their gas appliances serviced regularly to make sure they’re efficient and safe. The service and checks are evidenced in the Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate which needs to be renewed every year.

Pennington’s regularly carry out this work on behalf of landlords and property management companies, providing an efficient and cost-effective service with minimal disruption for tenants.

The governing regulations are the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 and the Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate is the report which records all the checks carried out in your annual gas safety inspection. You may sometimes hear this called a CP12, which refers back to the time when form used was called the CORGI Proforma 12, or CP12.

Gas Safety Certificate

A Gas Safety Certificate is required no mater how short a tenancy or let may be, so things like Airbnb and holiday lets are definitely included.

The Report and Certificate will prove that all the gas appliances, fittings and flues in your property were checked by a registered Gas Safe engineer in the last 12 months. Once you have the report, you should give a copy to the tenants within 28 days and keep your own copy for two years. You’ll also need to give a copy to new tenants should there be a change before the next inspection is due.

If your tenants have had their personal gas appliances fitted, landlords are only responsible for the pipework that supplies them. However, it’s best to include them in your own annual check.

You should make sure your tenants know how to turn off the gas at the mains and what to do if there is a gas emergency. You should also tell them who the gas supply company is.

It’s essential that the check is only carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer, or you won’t receive the proper legal certification. This is something on which you should never cut corners.

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