Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial: LED lighting upgrades

Pennington’s are specialists in LED lighting upgrades. We provide a complete service for commercial interior lighting, helping to keep your business bright, healthy and safe.Pennington’s are a business, so we understand business priorities. To minimise disruption we can install at weekends and out of hours – helping your business run smoothly all the time.


LED Lighting with Pennington's Electrical

Our services are broad ranging and because we have worked with many businesses, making the best of the lighting in your building is a field in which we have great experience. We will be able to advise on the most suitable lights and fittings in order to achieve what you have in mind.

Pennington’s are familiar with all available lighting types but increasingly we use LED lighting, as halogen bulbs are being phased out. Not only are LED lights much more efficient, they last much longer too, leading to much greater economy and far less wastage.

Unlike other artificial lights, LEDs do not flicker. They render colour more accurately and bring considerable benefits in terms of comfort, fewer headaches and an increase in well-being. And, of course, better lighting means fewer accidents at work. Even in a small business, these benefits can create a subtle but significant improvement in morale and productivity.

LEDs now perform many times better than they did even ten years ago. Their widespread adoption has also brought the price down, so they are the obvious choice in most situations. LEDs are safer too. They operate at much lower temperatures than ‘traditional’ bulbs, so they won’t overheat.

​LED lighting can be retrofitted to almost all existing lighting set-ups, with considerable commercial benefits and an improvement in the way lighting zones can be controlled – gone are the days of a uniform strip-light glare. With LEDs, lighting costs come down, but so do HVAC costs because LEDs generate very little heat. Consequently, retrofitting LEDs to an office building can deliver energy savings of anything from 30% to 70%

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