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Carefully Planned Central Heating Services

Reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly central heating has never been so important. If you are planning a new build or complete refurbishment, you’ll naturally be thinking about the optimum central heating system. And if your current system has been struggling, with repeated repairs and patchy performance, perhaps now is the time to install a new central heating system.

Whatever the context, a new central heating installation needs careful planning. Pennington’s can help with this and we’ll be happy to offer advice and provide a detailed quotation for the work you have in mind.

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Central heating

Central Heating System Installation Cost

A new central heating system can be a costly and it’s important to balance the budget with the features and capability you want. Serious thought needs to be put in at the planning stage. Central heating installation cost will depend on the size of your property, the size of your family, the average amount of hot water used daily, the type of boiler, the number and size of radiators, and the temperature you usually maintain. You should also factor in the quality of your existing thermal insulation – the better it is the less hard the boiler will need to work in cold weather.

With so many variables, it is best to have an experienced central heating engineer visit the property to fully understand your requirements and give you an idea of the new central heating costs. We are always happy to help

As a guide about the main things to consider, here is some useful information.

The boiler

The boiler will be the biggest single factor in a successful outcome. Critically, it is always a false economy to choose a boiler which can only just cope with the size of property. If it is struggling, it will never be working at its most efficient. Choose a boiler than has sufficient capacity, and a power in reserve.

Most of the boilers we fit burn natural gas and this is the most common fuel used in Surrey and in the surrounding counties. However, especially in remoter rural locations, other possible fuels include Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), oil, and solid fuels such as smokeless coal, logs, and biomass, which heat the water in a back-boiler.

The radiators

All radiators work in the same way, by heating the surrounding air and thus heating the room in which they are in. The details of design – with or without pronounced fins, for example – can affect their efficiency. However, the modern, flatter designs tend to be more efficient and are also cheaper to buy. One of the determining factors for heating a room is not just the radiators, but also the quality of the thermostats used, so this should be considered at the same time.

Pipes and fittings

Traditional copper piping can look reassuring and is the classic material for piping but it can be expensive. A good alternative is plastic pipe with push fittings – these are perfectly safe when correctly fitted. It also meets required building regulations, is cheaper to buy, and quicker to fit. Given that much pipework is concealed, this is an option worth considering at the planning stage.


Efficient heating is a product of the right boiler, appropriately chosen radiators and efficient thermostats. Pennington’s experienced heating engineers can help you choose from those available and you can find out more in our section on thermostat replacement.


Many decisions in life can involve compromise. If cost has an overriding influence on your choices, it may be that you can stage improvements over time. Start with a system service to include the flushing through of radiators, and then consider adding or upgrading your radiator thermostats. After that a new boiler would be the next step, and that might be extended to new radiators in key locations.

Whatever your requirements, we will always be happy to advise on the most effective way of achieving your goals within budget.


We are always happy to help, so for more information, or to book a visit and free quotation

Call 01932 259 620 or Email info@penningtonsgroup.co.uk

Why Homeowners Trust Pennington’s Group

Long-Standing Reputation

With over 10,000 completed projects, our proven background speaks volumes. Nine out of ten customers happily refer us to local friends because we consistently surpass expectations. Our founders have over 20 years of industry expertise, building a respected company you can count on. We earned our outstanding local reputation by going above and beyond on every job.

Extensively Trained Technicians

You want heating specialists who know what they're doing. That's why our Gas Safe registered technicians undergo rigorous accredited training yearly. We heavily invest in our team so you get tradespeople who take pride in their work and deliver reliable service with care. With Pennington’s Group, you're getting vastly experienced heating experts.

Complete Confidence

Life has enough stress without worrying about your heating. Our work is completely guaranteed and insured so you can relax knowing there are no surprise fees. We handle the full project smoothly and clean up afterwards so you come home to a warm, cosy house without any hassle. Our clear pricing means no hidden charges. Enjoy total peace of mind with Pennington’s Group.

Discover Heating Services Personalised For Your Home

Custom Heating Solutions Tailored to Your Home

Our engineers consider important factors like:
  • Layout and size of your rooms
  • Number of occupants
  • Areas that get drafty
  • Preferred temperatures for comfort
  • Efficiency goals
By evaluating these details, we can design custom heating solutions featuring the ideal boiler type, properly sized radiators, and advanced controls to enhance comfort and savings.

New High-Efficiency Boiler Installations

Our technicians will thoroughly assess your home and recommend the optimal new boiler from leading brands like Worcester Bosch. Enjoy considerable savings while future-proofing your household with an A-rated boiler.

Annual Boiler Servicing & Repairs

Prevent problems and optimise efficiency with our essential boiler servicing. From safety checks to tune-ups, our experts safeguard your system’s longevity. If your boiler malfunctions, we’ll swiftly diagnose the issue and complete repairs to restore heating and hot water. Count on our 24/7 emergency callouts for prompt solutions.

Full Heating Overhauls

Modernise outdated systems with our central heating renovations. By upgrading your boiler, radiators, and pipes together, your newly integrated system will run more efficiently. Our design team considers your home’s size, and layout, and needs to engineer heating for superior comfort and reduced energy spending.

Boiler Installation and Repairs by Trusted Professionals

Over the years, we’ve installed and repaired every type and brand of boiler on the market today. When your existing boiler breaks down or you need a new one installed, you can feel at ease knowing our engineers know to complete the job properly.

We handle everything related to boilers including:

Full System Replacements – If your boiler is old and inefficient, we’ll remove it completely and install a modern, energy-saving model correctly sized for your home.

Component Swaps – Individual boiler components often wear out before the whole unit. We can replace parts like heat exchangers, pumps, and thermostats.

General Servicing – To prevent unexpected breakdowns, our annual tune-ups detect and fix minor issues before they become major.

Fault Identification – With advanced diagnostics equipment, our engineers can pinpoint exactly why your boiler is malfunctioning.

Emergency Repairs – When your heating fails unexpectedly, we respond rapidly day or night to get you back up and running ASAP.

We are always happy to help, so for more information, or to book a visit and free quotation

Call 01932 259 620 or Email info@penningtonsgroup.co.uk

Radiator Services for Optimal Heating in Every Room

In addition to your boiler, radiators play a pivotal role in distributing warmth evenly across your home. At Pennington’s Group, our technicians are radiator specialists performing services like:

  • Full radiator replacements and installs
  • Radiator bleeds and balancing
  • Fixing frozen or stuck radiators
  • Radiator leakage repairs
  • Painting and refinishing
  • Thermostatic valve installations

By ensuring every radiator operates at peak efficiency, we can fine-tune your system to deliver heating exactly where and when you need it.

Rely On Pennington’s Group For Your Heating Requirements

Don’t tolerate cold spots or unreasonable energy outlays from an outdated system. Your home’s heating health matters for your family’s comfort and wellbeing. As your trusted local partner, Pennington’s Group provides proven heating solutions tailored for your household. Contact us today to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation estimate with our professionals.

The Pennington’s Group Difference – Quality Heating Services You Can Count On

What sets our central heating services apart is the personal care and attention we devote to every job regardless of size. Your system’s health has a major impact on your family’s comfort and well-being. We understand just how much you rely on it functioning properly.

That’s why our Gas Safe registered engineers take the time to fix problems right the first time and make recommendations tailored specifically to how you use heating in your home. We closely project manage all jobs from start to finish, keeping you informed each step of the way.

With transparent pricing, prompt emergency response, and access to premium equipment, we aim to provide heating peace of mind season after season. Each team member upholds themselves to the highest standards of professionalism—the same elevated standards that initially built Pennington’s Group an outstanding reputation across Surrey.

Contact our helpful team today on 01932 259 620 for a consultation tailored to your home’s needs. Or email info@penningtonsgroup.co.uk detailing your specific requirements so we can provide a no-obligation quote outlining costs and timelines.

Don’t endure another winter with an outdated, inefficient boiler or uneven heating because quality warmth matters for your family’s comfort. As your full-service heating engineering partner, Pennington’s Group has the expertise to create custom solutions so you can truly enjoy a warmer, cosier home.