Covid-19 Policy

Pennington’s Electrical Contractors Ltd. commit to minimising the risk of spreading the Coronavirus. We are following the guidance and advice of Public Health England and the Department of Health at all times, so you can expect the following measures to be taken during the course of our work:

Prior to our visit

  • We will ensure that the electrician conducting your work has not suffered any of the following symptoms, in the previous 14 days:
    • Persistent cough
    • Temperature over 37.8
    • Loss of taste or smell
  • We will ensure that the electrician conducting your work is not living with anyone who has any of the above symptoms.
  • We will contact you to find out if anyone in the household is isolating, shielding or is clinically vulnerable.
  • We will discuss the work with you to identify any options that might make the work safer, e.g. are you able to vacate the property while the work is carried out?
  • We will check what hand washing facilities will be available during our visit.
  • We will discuss any other issues with you that may help inform our risk assessment.
  • We will ensure our vehicles are kept clean

Following our visit

Please inform us if anyone in your household suffers any of the above symptoms within 14 days of our visit, so that we can instruct our engineer(s) to self-isolate and assist with the NHS’s Test, Track and Trace programme.