Boiler Service Near Me

Boiler Service Near Me

Are you in need of a boiler service near me? Pennington’s provide professional servicing for all gas boilers, to keep your appliance running safely and trouble free for many years of confident use. Get in contact with our expert boiler service team now for a quote. Like any piece of sophisticated equipment, a boiler needs to be properly maintained in order for it work safely and reliably. A regular boiler service will also mean that your boiler is running at its most efficient all of the time, ensuring that it will operate effectively for its expected lifetime. Failure to maintain your boiler through a boiler service near me can lead not only to expensive repairs but it may also mean that it becomes more costly and less safe to operate.

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    Do You Need A Boiler Service Near Me?

    At Pennington’s, we can provide one-off boiler service visits or scheduled annual maintenance. Whichever you choose, we urge you to always employ an approved Gas Safe engineer. You can arrange a visit by calling us on 01932 259 620 or email us at

    We work with both residential and commercial customers that have a wide range of knowledge that can be applied to many different issues you may be experiencing. We also have experience with a wide array of different boiler brands, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are in safe hands.

    Remember, you need to make sure your boiler is checked annually in order to keep it in great condition and to continue to get the most for your home.

    What A Boiler Service Near Me Covers

    A typical boiler service near me call is quite straightforward. If no faults are found it can take about an hour for the planned routine checks to be carried out. The engineer will need to know if your unit works properly, so the boiler service will begin with working through all the controls. He or she will observe the control panel and listen for any strange noises that might appear when the appliance comes on. Then they make a systematic check to ensure all the components are functioning. Our engineers look for corrosion inside the boiler as well. All the time the engineer is alert to any leaks of gas, no matter how small.

    Pennington’s engineers will make sure that the gas pressure in a boiler installation is accurate. They’ll test the flue, to eliminate the threat of leaks and continue through a detailed checklist to make sure everything is in order during your boiler service near me.

    If there are any faults or concerns, we recommend the next course of action and these will be listed in the service report that you will receive once the boiler service near me has been carried out. You should keep the report as a reference for the next visit, whether that is a return trip to make repairs, or the next annual check. If repair work is required, we’ll provide all the information you need and a quotation as to the cost.

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    Professional Plumber Services, Suited To Your Needs

    Call 01932 259 620 or Email

    A boiler service near me can be very quick, taking only up to 30 minutes or so. They are quick and easy to arrange with our expert team. Get in contact with our boiler service near me team now.

    Even though there are many activities and jobs to do with waters and pipes, not all plumbers are actually qualified to work with boilers as well as central heating systems. When it comes to your boiler service near me, you need to make sure that you are working with a Gas Safe registered heating engineer.

    At Pennington’s, we have the abilities to arrange a boiler service at a time that is convenient for you – that means any time during the year! There are some homeowners that prefer to have their boiler service at the end of summer to head off any issues that may occur during the winter! Make sure that your boiler is ready for the cold weather.

    It is advised that you get your boiler serviced annually in order to keep your manufacturers warranty intact, as well as to make sure that your boiler is working well. Just like any machine, parts can wear over time, not to mention the build up of dust and debris. Annually servicing your boiler means you can tackle these issues before they become problems and have your boiler working for longer.